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Are you looking for relief for your employees? We have the solution:

Relief to wear in the form of an exoskeleton, the " BionicBack ", which demonstrably and flexibly relieves the back during bending and static activities.  


There are several ways to do this:

for your workplace

hTRIUS test it.jpg

If your employees or you are exposed to enormous physical stress during work, an exoskeleton can help. The exoskeleton is available for you to put on in the form of the BionicBack and can provide the best possible relief for your back during bending and lifting movements as well as during static activities.

hTRIUS develops and produces high-quality exoskeletons "Made in Germany", which you can use for a wide variety of work in logistics, industry or trade. As an efficient lifting aid, the BionicBack can be worn during the entire activity and is particularly useful where long-term relief for the back is to be achieved. Request test and purchase models at attractive prices now.

Exoskeletons from hTRIUS – Benefits and functions at a glance

Buying an exoskeleton, it mostly comes down to the factors of comfort, suitability for everyday use and functionality. As a body-worn lifting aid, the BionicBack guarantees uncompromising usability and continuous relief. The intuitive setting depending on body dimensions and work movement allows for custom-fit support. The BionicBack can relieve the lower back by around a quarter and thus ensures less pain in everyday life.

BionicBack - suitable for everyday use, light, inexpensive

The BionicBack offers a level of flexibility that means you don't have to do without the mobility you are used to in everyday work. The flexible concept, based on the elastic back structure, adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the spine. Due to the special structure, the exoskeleton can reliably absorb and safely distribute all internal and external forces. The back structure always takes a leading position, so that you have reliable support. All the belt systems based on this can be expanded and adapted to the needs of the workplace as required.

The exoskeleton for maximum mobility 


We are happy to advise you personally.  

If you have specific questions, we will advise you LIVE via video call at our EXOboutique.

Here you have the opportunity to book a free consultation appointment.

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