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Let's go..

Welcome to the hTRIUS workplace analysis .

With a few selected information about your work tasks, you get a detailed overview of the level and types of stress, as well as well thought-out recommendations and suggestions for using the BionicBack. You will receive this overview directly by email .

This is how we think about it:

You should get all the relevant data about your workplace and the use of the BionicBack at a glance.

The data, characteristic values and diagrams are based on standardized workplace analysis tools as well as on measurement and experience data for the use of the BionicBack.

Please fill out the analysis completely.

The results will be  not cached. 

workplace analysis

This form will guide you through the process step by step. Some fields are mandatory ( * ) and are therefore of central importance for the analysis.

It makes sense to either have the workplace in mind or, ideally, to collect the data directly on site.

It takes about 5 minutes to fill out , but it is definitely well invested.


To analyze several different applications in your company, simply start the form again and enter the same contact details again at the end.

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