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BionicBack exoskeleton

for construction

  • Relieves and supports

  • Reduces downtime and risk of injury

  • Improves strength, endurance, and mobility of the wearer

  • Enhances work capacity, productivity, and efficiency

  • Shortens task execution time

  • Increases employee satisfaction and retention

  • Boosts the level of innovation

Reduction of physical strain and injuries

Discover our BionicBack exoskeleton in the construction industry. A product that significantly reduces the physical strain on your employees and minimizes the risk of injuries. This exoskeleton improves the performance and endurance of your teams by distributing physical stress and optimizing working conditions. Provide your employees with the best in terms of safety and efficiency. Seize the opportunity now to take your business to the next level. Inquire about the BionicBack today. Act now!

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Improvement of workplace safety and productivity

Increase productivity and enhance safety with our exoskeleton in the construction industry! The BionicBack reduces physical strain, increases endurance, and minimizes the risk of injuries. The exoskeleton is lightweight, adaptable, and intuitive to use. It's designed to withstand the tough demands on the construction site and is an essential tool for every construction worker. Take advantage of the benefits of the exoskeleton in the construction industry for your business now! Discover the future of the construction industry.

Scientifically tested and confirmed by our customers

  • 30% relief

  • 37% less rounded back

  • 86% less fatigue

  • Increase in physical performance

  • Better sleep

  • Enhancement of well-being

  • Improvement in quality of life



less rounded back



less strain



less fatigue

Shortening recovery times

after strenuous activities

Boost your productivity with our BionicBack exoskeleton. Our innovative technology supports your muscles and joints, significantly reducing recovery times after strenuous activities. With this advanced tool, you can once again enjoy your leisure time. Discover now how the exoskeleton in the construction industry can revolutionize your work. Seize the opportunity to increase productivity and shorten recovery times. Take the next step towards a more efficient and ergonomic workflow.

Enhancement of
well-being and health

Discover BionicBack, a technology designed to enhance your well-being and health in the workplace. This innovative product reduces physical strain and prevents back injuries. It is adaptable, comfortable, and ready for use in seconds. Don't wait any longer! Improve your well-being and health with the exoskeleton in the construction industry. Take advantage of the benefits of this advanced technology today. Be at the forefront of innovation and let your business reap the rewards.

Improvement of
workplace safety
and ergonomics

Discover the revolutionary exoskeleton in the construction industry! This advanced tool not only enhances your workplace safety but also improves ergonomics in physically demanding tasks. With our exoskeleton, you can reduce physical strain and consequently the risk of workplace accidents. Experience a new level of comfort and efficiency in your daily work. Request information today and find out how our exoskeleton can enhance your productivity and safety on the construction site. Don't wait, optimize your work with our exoskeleton!

Increase in
work performance
and efficiency

Increase your work performance and efficiency in the construction industry with our exoskeleton. The BionicBack relieves your physical work, enhances your productivity, and minimizes the risk of workplace accidents. Whether it's heavy lifting or precise work in inaccessible areas, the exoskeleton enables you to work with ease and safety. Take advantage of the benefits of innovative technology and experience a new dimension in the construction sector. Boost your potential, improve your efficiency, and set new standards in your work with our BionicBack in the construction industry.

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