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The BionicBack is a passive exoskeleton.

It is a body-worn lifting aid.  

It is light and relieves the strain on the human back when bending and lifting. 

Wherever there is repeated bending in everyday work, 

the BionicBack achieves perfect relief for the human back.



in the conception.


in the application....

The exoskeleton that fits, does not restrict and offers optimal support for the day. 

The BionicBack is our interpretation of uncompromising usability.


at 20kg (45lbs)




as the basis

So that freedom of movement remains unrestricted, flexibility is not just a goal, but the basis on which the BionicBack is built. The exoskeleton back structure is designed according to the range of movement required by humans and allows all movements without restrictions. At the same time, it absorbs all internal and external forces and directs them to specific and defined locations. The exoskeleton back structure forms the fine line of flexibility and rigidity in one system. All other components are mounted on this base. This is how flexibility runs through the entire system. The exoskeleton back structure provides guidance, support and helps the wearer find a favorable lifting position. 

Optimal fit for maximum comfort

The hTRIUS exoskeleton for the back scores from the start with efficient relief and an optimal fit. The straps do not slip and do not constrict. This in turn makes it very comfortable to wear and guarantees uncompromising usability. With a weight of 20 kilograms, the innovative system manages to minimize the weight load on the lower back by up to 24 percent. This prevents long absences of employees due to pain.



independent setting options



Flexibility for you Flexibility for you Flexibility for you Flexibility for you Flexibility for you Flexibility for you

Adjustment options


  • Picking from the floor

  • Storage / retrieval 

Use the dynamic setting for an optimal workflow for fast picking, repositioning and deep bending. The dynamic support can easily be increased.  The strength is chosen so that it supports, but does not make natural bending difficult.


  • Combination of everything

The continous setting is part of the basic function. Combine both modes steplessly so that it feels comfortable. The best thing about it: Everything can be adjusted anytime, anywhere. 

This is how you can quickly and easily find the optimal system setting for your workflow. 


  • Assembly

  • Sorting tables

  • Machine equipping

When the BOOSTER is set, the damping characteristic in the system increases. Therefore you get a completely new system character. Thats great for activities in a bent over position.  For example at conveyor belts, sorting tables or elevated storage positions. 


Size + support

Individual size adjustment - easier than ever before. One pull on the adjustment strap and both leg sides adjust themselves evenly and synchronously. This activates the dynamic support. The further the adjustment is pulled out, the stronger the dynamic support. 

The great thing about it, just try it out. All adjustments can be easily and continuously adjusted while wearing. And that with just one finger.


  • Size and Support in one

  • Stepless

  • 100% free walk function

  • Adjustable all the time

  • Synchronized setting





  • BOOSTER setting

  • Increase in support /  damping 

  • Change from dynamic to static support
  • Pull once -> Ready
  • Same operating principle

With the BOOSTER  you adapt the support even more individually to your work. Does your task usually take place at the same height? Then switch on the booster and adapt it to your work. If you work statically in depth, you leave the BOOSTER a little longer, if you work half-bent or leaned forward, the booster can already relieve you if you only bend forward slightly. Your task, your setting.

#individual work

Start with us


at the end,
everything is


than you think!


The BIONICBACK weighs less

than a full 0.7l glass bottle of sports water.  

It is not important to know ...

We just like to mention it


#light and without sugar



hTRIUS_Europa_Park (23).jpg
Fields of application



Take a look at the most common questions. 


With the BionicBack

hTRIUS offers efficient relief with the BionicBack exoskeleton for the back


Whether in logistics, industrial production or in the trades - the back is heavily burdened by strenuous daily work. The combination of lifting movements and the weight to be handled increases the risk of back problems. Featuring the sleek and lightweight hTRIUS exoskeleton called "BionicBack", the back can be relieved during work so that you can continue to work flexibly and without restrictions. Thus, hTRIUS offers flexible #SupportToWear.

Our exoskeleton for the back impresses with its low weight

So that the BionicBack exoskeleton actually relieves the back and is not a burden itself, we rely on the use of selected materials and a sophisticated concept. From the start, there is little additional load. The BionicBack only becomes noticeable through the support when you bend repeatedly. Our exoskeleton was developed for daily use and is built to be robust and flexible at the same time. In this way, it can show its effect in sustainable and long-term use. In addition, it can be put on in just a few simple steps.

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