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BionicBack exoskeleton

in logistics

  • Relieves and supports

  • Reduces downtime and risk of injury

  • Improves strength, endurance, and mobility of the wearer

  • Enhances work capacity, productivity, and efficiency

  • Shortens task execution time

  • Increases employee satisfaction and retention

  • Boosts the level of innovation

Relief for employees through assistance
with physically demanding tasks

Discover #SupportToWear – the BionicBack exoskeleton! This innovative product is designed to support and relieve your employees during physically demanding tasks. BionicBack enhances physical performance by improving the strength and endurance of your workforce through its exoskeleton. As a result, muscle and joint strain, as well as the risk of injury and fatigue, are reduced. Imagine being able to boost productivity while safeguarding your team's health. That's exactly what our exoskeleton makes possible! Don't wait any longer; make life easier for your staff. Harness the power of the exoskeleton in logistics and experience the incredible benefits firsthand. Optimize your processes now!

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Improve work ergonomics and minimize strains

Relieve your employees with our BionicBack. The exoskeleton enhances work ergonomics and minimizes physical strain. It provides support for heavy lifting and helps prevent muscle and skeletal disorders. Work more efficiently and healthily! Try it now and experience the difference. Ensure well-being in the workplace. Increase productivity while reducing downtime. Harness advanced technology for your business. Take the first step and contact us today!

Scientifically tested and confirmed by our customers

  • 30% relief

  • 37% less rounded back

  • 86% less fatigue

  • Increase in physical performance

  • Better sleep

  • Enhancement of well-being

  • Improvement in quality of life



less rounded back



less strain



less fatigue

Increase in employee satisfaction and motivation

The BionicBack exoskeleton in logistics, the solution that elevates employee satisfaction and motivation to a new level. By supporting physical work and reducing fatigue, the exoskeleton enables your employees to perform their tasks more efficiently and comfortably. Not only that, it also promotes a healthy work environment and reduces the risk of injury.


Imagine how happy and motivated your employees will be when they can perform their work with less physical strain. Start now with the hTRIUS exoskeleton in your company. Experience the difference!

Increase in productivity
and efficiency
in the logistics industry

With the BionicBack exoskeleton, you can increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. The exoskeleton relieves and supports heavy lifting. It allows you to make workplaces safer, healthier, and more efficient. Take on fatigue and muscle tension.


Don't miss this opportunity! Request more information today and take your company to the next level with our exoskeleton in logistics.

Faster order processing
and workplace safety

Do you want to take your logistics processes to the next level? With BionicBack, this is now a reality. This innovative product ensures faster order processing. Discover the impressive benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced physical strain for your employees, and improved workplace safety. The exoskeleton is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into existing work processes. Don't wait any longer, enhance your workflows with the hTRIUS exoskeleton and boost your efficiency!

Future security
through the use of
modern technology

Experience future security through the use of our BionicBack. With our solution, you enhance the efficiency and productivity of your logistics team. Our exoskeleton helps reduce physical strain and protect the health of your employees. Trust in advanced technology and secure a competitive advantage. Let the performance and robustness of our exoskeleton convince you. Don't hesitate, contact us today and experience #SupportToWear!

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