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Our systems help people!

They offer added value for all those who do hard work every day.

Our small technical contribution serves to fulfill a great facilitation.

We love future technology and strive for technical facilitation for everyone.

Health is our goal, implementation is our task, vision is our sustainability.


We are young, innovative and maybe a little bit bold. We have been watching the exoskeleton market for a long time. One thing is clear to us - the technology will generate benefits as soon as the added value really reaches the end customer, i.e. the wearer.

That is why usability is number 1 in our development focus. In the end, we break every technology we develop down to this one point.  

We come from industry, research and the sports sector. Our aim is to create a sustainable relationship with users and our customers. We create added value for a wide variety of interest groups. True to our motto " Do it for the people ", the one who wears our systems is our main focus.

In our opinion, exoskeletons can help people. For this, however, it is important that the systems also do what is expected of them, taking all influencing factors into account. 

Diagramm der hTRIUS Werte


We work every day to turn our idea of exoskeletons into reality. Our vision is the comprehensive use of well thought-out systems. We not only work on products, but on holistic solution concepts that can be adapted to specific applications. 


While development and engineering form the core at hTRIUS, building exoskeletons is not just an engineers' task. Forces, joints and positions interact with the human body, which is reluctant to submit to basic mechatronic rules. We at hTRIUS therefore question every idea and every concept based on a sports medicine approach.

Movement is work and work is training - or is it?

For us, incorporating training theory into the development of exoskeletons means, for example, taking a close look at the daily work of the wearer. Because this is the only way to understand what is needed.

Jonas Haag -hTRIUS.jpg


Good to feel, good to use

We build exoskeletons that can be worn. Our goal is #SupportToWear.

We focus on function and especially on usability. Only if the systems are accepted,  they are able to help in the long term. This is also confirmed by current studies. "... user acceptance of exoskeletons must improve in the future." (3)

3 Kozinc, Ziga; Babic`, Jan; Šarabon, Nejc (2020): Comparison of Subjective Responses of Low Back Pain Patients and Asymptomatic Controls to Use of Spinal Exoskeleton during Simple Load Lifting Tasks: A Pilot Study. In: International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (1). DOI: 

We are team spirit

Just like in sport, every player counts. What makes us strong is unbridled courage, a desire for new things and, most importantly, fun. We are the space for creative, courageous and motivated people.

You are not a pro? Not a problem, we'll teach you the rest.

Are you changing teams or do you need a trial session?

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We love sports, technology and good design.

Our design is created in the development process. It is the basis and the result at the same time. The emotion of the new, of the meaningful, of the useful is deeply anchored. It is the drive to improve, to create new things and to bring ideas into reality.  We love what we do and we love what we develop.


100% emotion and motivation for our products.  

Our drive, our motivation, our design

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