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Fields of application


Application fields

The use of exoskeletons makes sense wherever a lot of manual work takes place. Often that is where goods have to be lifted, sorted or packaged and where the high variance usually excludes automation. 

Our systems are already used successfully in different areas. The BionicBack is designed as a daily companion as well as a tool for application-specific use. The BionicBack provides a certain percentage of relief throughout the day. 


Lots of walking, deep bending, reaching into deep boxes or lattice boxes are part of the standard task here. Long and static bending over transport bands is also stressful.  

The BionicBack can play to its strengths here. Unhindered walking, total flexibility in the level of support and no interfering contours. 

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Our systems are also used in handcraft. You always get the full benefits when the BionicBack is used for longer periods in constant activity. Our customers are particularly keen to use the systems for tiling indoors and wiring sockets. In addition, applications in forestry and agriculture are in prospect.

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Machine equipping

High lifting frequencies, changing workplaces, a wide variety of part shapes, deep bending and high positioning. Ergonomically, a challenge that we can significantly improve thanks to the BionicBack. Here, too, the BionicBack offers noticeable relief instantly. With a big share of walking distances at and between the workplaces of up to 60%, the free-walk function shows its full potential.

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