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Das BionicBack Exoskelett von hTRIUS entlastet Mitarbeiter in der Logistik



Your exoskeleton manufacturer

Welcome to hTRIUS - where usability meets innovation! Our mission is to make your life easier. Our exoskeletons are designed to facilitate your work and sustainably improve ergonomics.

We prioritize people. We focus on thoughtful solutions that not only reduce absenteeism but also enhance your well-being. Our exoskeletons are the result of passion, research, and a deep understanding of your needs.

YOU are the star!

Pain-free living

We believe that every individual in our society plays a significant role and deserves a healthy, pain-free work life. That's why we've made it our mission to develop tools and technologies that relieve and support physically demanding workers.

We put 100% passion and motivation into each of our products - whether you call it an exoskeleton, lifting aid, or tool. We prioritize functionality and ergonomic design because we want to free you and your colleagues from lower back and lumbar pain.

Highly motivated


The Right Choice

for Your Back

Are you frequently engaged in moving heavy loads and putting strain on your back during your workday? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Our passive BionicBack exoskeleton noticeably relieves your back. Additionally, it improves ergonomically challenging workspaces and sets new standards.

The BionicBack reduces strain on your back by up to 30% and decreases fatigue by up to 86%. This means you stay fit even after work! Say goodbye to tired back and leg muscles—this way, you and your team will have enough energy for a well-deserved evening! Your quality of life automatically improves.

Wrap Up Your Workday Feeling Fit

Relieving. Perfect.

The exoskeleton combines flexibility and rigidity, relief, and posture. The elastic back structure perfectly adapts to the natural shape of your spine. Furthermore, it helps you find an optimal lifting position and reduces the formation of a rounded back.

With our passive exoskeleton, you bring #SupportToWear to your company. Lightweight yet powerful, it supports your back with every bend and effectively prevents strain. Say goodbye to back pain and experience carefree workdays with BionicBack!


Die Rückenstruktur des BionicBack Exoskeletts von hTRIUS mit Polsterung und optimierter Belüftung
Das X-ERGO 3D Pad von hTRIUS bietet optimalen Komfort für das Rücken Exoskelett BionicBack


Ergonomic Excellence

Through Innovation

Specially designed for your lumbar region, this innovative pad combines state-of-the-art 3D printing technology with ergonomic perfection. The X-ERGO 3D Pad elevates comfort to a whole new level.

BionicBack in action

You'll find the BionicBack in a variety of industries because it's used in areas where physical relief and support are needed. So, the applications are diverse.

Where the Exoskeleton

is Utilized

Whether you're in logistics, industry, or trades, the BionicBack adapts to your needs, helping you make your work more efficient and comfortable.

Efficient & Comfortable

Solution for
Back Pain

Wherever physical strain leads to back problems, our BionicBack is deployed. Flexible and versatile, it provides a solution for those suffering from back pain.


Our customers share a common vision: they all opt for #SupportToWear through our BionicBack exoskeleton.

Scientifically tested

Trust is good, but control is better – that's why we rely on comprehensive testing and facts to ensure that our exoskeletons deliver on their promises. We take our motto #noBullshit very seriously: we deliver what we promise.

is our motto

Products Backed by Expertise

At hTRIUS, we develop revolutionary products with courage, dedication, and extensive knowledge. Our team combines expertise from sports science, ergonomics, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics to create the best for you.

Support Guaranteed

We test to ensure that our BionicBack exoskeleton provides the ultimate support. Through meticulous laboratory tests, we measure muscle activity, guaranteeing the effectiveness of our development.

Exoskeleton World

So that you to become an expert in the field of exoskeletons, we answer a variety of questions on topics such as active and passive exoskeletons, BionicBack, back relief, and much more.

Discover. Explore. Develop.

We're young, innovative, and maybe a little bit crazy. Our mission is to explore new worlds and change them sustainably—with groundbreaking technology and innovative systems. We believe that every individual plays an important role and should navigate their work life in a healthy and pain-free manner.

We love

what we do

Join our team

Diverse Team,

Unique Solutions

Our diverse bunch includes athletes, engineers, biomechanics experts, ergonomics specialists, textile technologists, and creative minds. It's not just about products for us. We offer support, functionality, and flexibility.

Sustainable. Valuable.

With experience from industry, research, and sports, we aim to create real value. People are at the heart of what we do—our motto? "Do it for the people." Because only when our exoskeletons deliver on their promises can they truly help.

Join the Team

Just like in sports, every player counts here! Our secret? Unbridled courage, curiosity, and above all—fun! This is the space for creative minds, adventurers, and sources of motivation. Ready for a team switch or a trial run?

Together for a

healthier future

If you're curious, want to learn more about us, or have questions, feel free to reach out.

You can also find more information, applications, and behind-the-scenes glimpses on our social media channels. Stop by!

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